I’m not going to compromise the happiness and independence that I found just for just anybody. The idea of a date gives me a partial panic attack. It includes 40 paparazzi camera shooting through windows at us, that’s not relaxing or alluring for me. That makes me want to crawl under the couch and hide! But I’m fine! I have two cats. That’s all I need.

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best of: stage Ashton 

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BTS of the ‘Good Girls’ music video 


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Friendly Reminder



Wednesday2 years of RED

Friday: 8 years of TAYLOR SWIFT

Saturday: 4 years of SPEAK NOW

Monday: release of 1989

Monday: my funeral 


welcome to new york

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He's the reason for the teardrops on my guitar


One Direction; Album & Color Schemes

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one direction - TAKE ME HOME[deluxe edition] - first lines [insp

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The people who gave us the opportunity were the fans. They ones who stand for hours on end to watch us play, the ones who would support us four dudes through thick and thin. Everything goes back to the fans. You guys are our everything  

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